Alpha Egg FAQ



1) What is included with every purchase of Alpha Egg Pen?

Every purchase comes with an official invoice and 1 year warranty. 
Sagesaurus Customer Service WhatsApp Line is +65 8482 0542.

Any major software issues with the pen, it’s a one-to-one exchange locally. You will however be responsible for your own shipping cost to the local distributor  

Note that:

  • Each pen has a unique serial number and only sets bought from will be covered by the warranty.
  • 1 to 1 exchange will be applicable for sets that require major repairs or are faulty beyond repair.
  • On many occasions, the software is not properly updated, which leads to limited functions or malfunctioning. Sagesaurus will assist to update, check on the software and send back the same set upon checking.


2) If my pen is faulty, will I get a new replacement or a refurbished set?

A new set will be arranged if the pen is beyond repair. If the set only requires minor repair or software update, you will receive the same pen back.

Sagesaurus does not have any refurbished sets available for replacement, sale or loan.


3) What does the one-year warranty cover?

Software issues (if any). Note that the warranty does not cover damaged parts due to wear and tear & violent/rough usage.


4) How do I contact the customer service team?

Sagesaurus Customer Service WhatsApp line is available at +65 8482 0542, Monday- Friday (excluding Public Holidays), 9am to 5pm.

Alternatively, you can send an email to



1) Can Alpha Egg Pen connect to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi?

The pen can only connect to 2.4Ghz Wifi and mobile phone data.  


2) Can Alpha Egg Pen be used to scan and translate the text on ipad, tablet & mobile phone screens?

Yes, certain brightness might be required.


3) What is the 8G of memory space used for?

The internal memory space is primarily used for saving browsing history and favourites.



1) Can I use the Voice Command function without Wifi?

No, Wifi connection is required for voice command operation.


2) How do I activate the voice command function?

Press & hold the Home button (in the centre of the pen) and speak audibly.


3) What are some of the common Voice Command I can use?

* Note that the following can only be spoken in Chinese and listed in “bold”

  • 声母表
  • 韵母表
  • 三字经
  • 弟子规

Form a phrase with“美”

  • 用“美丽的美”字组词

Form a sentence with“春光明媚”

  • 用“春光明媚”造句 

How to write“快”/ Stroke Order

  • “快乐的快”字怎么写

Which poems describe Spring?

  • 描写"春天"的诗句有哪些

What’s the English translation of“优秀?

  • “优秀”的英文怎么说

Translate Chinese words or phrases

  • 翻译“有志者事竞成”

How’s the weather tomorrow?

  • 新加坡明天的天气

What’s the time now?

  • 现在几点了



  • Easy to Operate Buttons
  • Fast Scanning & Recognition
  • 2-way English & Chinese Translation
  • Recognizes Both Traditional & Simplified Chinese Characters
  • Stroke Order
  • Hanyu Pinyin Reading
  • Continuous Multi-Line Reading
  • High Accuracy & Clear Pronunciation
  • Adjustable Reading Speed for Both English & Mandarin
  • Advanced AI Voice Command Function
  • Switch between British & American English
  • Compatible with picture books, textbooks, newspapers, printed documents, mobile tablets & devices.
  • Works on a range of bold and italic fonts