All About Alpha Egg Pen Q3



  • Ergonomic Design catered to young children & adults
  • Matt White

Alpha Egg Pen Q3



  1. Turn on device. Swipe Left and Open “Settings 设置”
  2. Turn on “开启WiFi“
  3. Choose the preferred WiFi network and key in the password
  4. Connection is successful and will reflect “已连接”

Alpha Egg Pen Q3 Wifi Settings


  1. Hold the pen firmly
  2. Aim the middle of pen directly at text contents
  3. Place the tip of pen at a 60° on the surface of the paper
  4. Press Pen gently down and move to the right to scan

**  Do not press the Home Button when scanning

Alpha Egg Pen Q3 How to Scan


  1. After scanning the singular word, select “发音测评”
  2. Press on the microphone button and pronounce the word
  3. After pronouncing the word, press on the same button
  4. Evaluation will be completed in 2 seconds
  5. Press Play button for playback of recording

Alpha Egg Pen Q3 Pronunciation Test


  1. Open “Settings 设置”
  2. Go to “发音设置”
  3. Select Reading Speed Adjustment for preferred language: Chinese 中文语速 / English 英文语
  4. Select your preferred speed: Slow 慢 / Normal 正常/ Fast 快

 Alpha Egg Pen Q3 Reading Speed Adjustment


  1. Press and hold on the Home Button for 2 seconds and start speaking
  2. Release the button when voice command is complete

** Note that this function requires WiFi connection

 Alpha Egg Pen Q3 Voice Command Activation


  1. Automatic Update: This will occur when you turn on the device. The battery must be sufficient for automatic update to happen.
  2. Manual Update: Check for latest software update under settings "设置" - "版本更新“ and manually download and install. Battery must be sufficient to proceed with update.

** Note that this function requires WiFi connection

 Alpha Egg Pen Q3 Software Update


Introducing Alpha Egg Q3 Pen

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen Scans Everything!

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen Checks Everything!

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - A Fantastic Reader

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Dictionary / Encyclopedia

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Learn Languages with Interactive and Voice Assistant Functions

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Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Phonics & Oral Assessment

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - 
English-Chinese Translator

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - 
Scans & Recites Hanyu Pinyin

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - 
Scans, Reads, & Explains Chinese Idioms

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Scans, Reads, & Explains Classical Chinese Poetry

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Scans, Reads, & Explains Chinese Classical Literature

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Scans, Reads, & Explains Chinese Proverbs

Alpha Egg Q3 Pen - Human Voice Reading